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Meet Sharonda


Sharonda is a WildFlower; vibrant, fragrant and full of life. Rich in life's experience, she offers a wealth of knowledge to women of all ages. She thrives in an environment that allows her creativity to flourish, and her of faith to blossom. She possesses the ability to connect with women in all classes and levels of life.

As one who understands the significance of mentoring, she seeks to create opportunities where women can have the support they need, by establishing lasting and meaningful mentoring relationships.


As a veteran, Sharonda lives in a spirit of excellence. She believes that everything she does needs to be the best it can be, so that others receive the maximum benefit. You will see that when you join our team. 


Sharonda D D Armour

Sharonda D.D. Armour

Founder & CEO

Sharonda Armour is the CEO of WildFlowers-HWG. She is responsible for leading the development of the long-term and short-term strategic vision and direction of the company. She created WildFlowers-HWG with the goal of assisting women who share a story just like her own. Sharonda is a veteran of the U.S. Airforce.

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Meet The Team

Mike Armour Professional Headshot.jpg

Michael Armour

Chief Financial Officer

Candice Curly 3.jpg

Candice Fox

Director of Business Development

& Marketing

Camille Website.jpg

Camille Faulkner

Director of Community Outreach & Social Media

Christy 3_edited.jpg
Tanya 2_edited.jpg

Christy Hudson

Tanya Norwood

Mentee Coordinator

& Program Facilitator

Mentor Coordinator

& Program Facilitator

A wildflower is a flower that grows in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted. "And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you."

This is the concept behind every woman who is a part of our program.

WildFlowers represent "joy". Every woman has a personal story.

Some women feel they have drifted far beyond where they are supposed to be in life.

You may have...and that's OK!

We believe that change is possible, but that change begins with you.


Many women are not living the life they were born to live and simply need to be cultivated and replanted in an environment where they can flourish and thrive.  

Luke 12:28

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