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You can walk right into your purpose, 
on purpose.


Preparing You For a Better Life 

Providing Mentorship to Those Who Need It Most

We are connecting young women who would not otherwise have an opportunity for mentorship with other female professionals to develop personal and professional skills. This is done through strategic placement based on the needs of those being mentored. It is unique in that our mentors are from many different industries, thus bringing a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and skill into our program.

The outcome will be enhancement across many industries, as well as providing fundamental skills in a variety of areas to women. This can be accomplished through training and development provided by our collective group of diverse female professionals. Come join us and be a part of what we're doing!

Meal Planning Workshops

Learn How to Make Delicious & Nutritious Meals

Strong Support System

We created a community for mentoring women where we can learn from one another and help each other grow.


We believe that women empower other women in a way that no one and nothing else can.


We believe in creating a community that provides a way for experienced women to pass on their hard-earned wisdom to others searching for their path.


Our community members come from all kinds of backgrounds, all walks of life and from all areas around the world.

Budget Bootcamp


Ms. Sharonda,
I met you in a class where you were talking about budgeting and getting credit in order. From that class we started our journey where we met monthly and you walked me through budgeting and going through my credit. You have been such a blessing in my life. I am on track to becoming a home owner Spring of next year if not sooner. I have paid my collections on my credit and my score is reflecting. The service you provide I can tell it comes from your heart and anyone who takes this course be prepared for overflow!!!! Thank you so much!

~Brandy (2021)

Women Holding Hands

Mentoring and so much more!
Join our powerful community of strong women: find a mentor or mentee, learn from experts, share your ideas and unlock your true potential.


Helping Women Grow

Teacher Helping Student


Mentors achieve fulfilment and an increased sense of purpose and achievement while impacting the lives of others.

Preparing Healthy Food


Increased and improved academic, career and life achievements, empowerment, improved entrepreneurial competency and success, and an increased sense of self.

Image by Rémi Walle


Mentors in our community help guide young girls and women through matters such as professional goals, career advancement, educational endeavors, and so much more.

Mentor, inspire and guide women to reach their full academic, career and entrepreneurial potential and live the life they were "called" to live.

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